25820846Saven Disclosure (Saven #2) by Siobhan Davis
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To protect Logan, I have no choice but to deceive him.
But I’m not the only one hiding the truth.
Will our love survive all the secrets and lies?

Enemy alien ships crowd the skies over Earth while the world waits with bated breath. The Saven have been exposed, and where once they were abhorred, they are now championed as our greatest ally and our only possible savior. 

Logan and Sadie have been separated, and the longer he is gone, the more their love is tested by duty, doubts, and deception. 

Sadie and Jarod have infiltrated the highest levels of government, but they are playing a dangerous game. Surrounded by people with conflicting agendas—hell-bent on using her for their own aim—Sadie is confused when the lines between good and evil are blurred. It’s impossible to tell friend from foe, and no one can be trusted. 

When the full extent of the experiments taking place in Sector Twenty is disclosed, Sadie can no longer sit back and watch as the lower classes face a horrific fate. Racing to save her loved ones and mankind, she risks her own safety and the love she’s waited a lifetime for to do the right thing. 

But no one thought to save her from herself. 
Rating: 5 Stars
Unfortunately, I didn't get to read Saven Disclosure as often as I would've liked; otherwise I'd have finished it a long, long time ago. That didn't stop me from thoroughly enjoying the book though.

Sadie's story continues as Logan is constantly away. Leaving her in Haydn's care, she is kept guarded and locked up, growing more restless by the minute, longing to find answers to her dangerous questions.

I enjoyed all of Saven Disclosure, but the ending couldn't not surprise me more than every other plot twist in the entire book. I'd figured Griselda had a lot to do with all the problems, and that she'd appear at some point, but that was not what I found out.

Siobhan Davis' writing is a steady, continous flow. She keeps it calm, natural until all of a sudden, she's grabbed you by the throat with an amazing plot twist. I felt her claws every single time, one of many reasons I continue to enjoy her books immensely.

Siobhan Davis is also one of very few authors that writes in present tense. It's slightly different from past tense, but I welcome the change.

While it may not seem like it at first, I assure you Sadie Owens is every bit the badass heroine when compared to characters like Rose Hathaway, Katniss Everdeen, and Celaena Sardothien. Her might lies in determination and a great character development.

For every reader that loves Sci-fi, I cannot stress how much you need to read The Saven Series. Siobhan Davis combines Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Romance into an epic all-in-one must-read.
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"We have each other. That's all we need."

"Equally as potent. Definitely as dangerous. Undoubtedly, wildly unpredictable."

"Oh, on the surface, I appear perfectly fine. Only those who know me well know it's all for show. On the inside, I'm a bleeding, broken mess. And I know I can't go on like this, but I don't know how to fix it."

"But what power am I reclaiming? And Who or what am I breaking free from?"

"I feel pretty much like I deserve all this for allowing myself to believe in love, to trust in it, to think it could cure everything that is wrong with me and the world."

"I vow to never let anyone come between us again. He is mine, as I am his, and I won't allow anything or anyone to separate us again."

"In the overall scheme of things, this omission is minuscule, but try telling Mr. Overbearing that."

Recommended for: Fans of Sci-fi.