Saturday, January 3, 2015

A new year, a new name, some changes

Hi Everyone,

I guess this is a little late, but I'd like to announce some changes you may not be aware of. Authors, you are able to advertise here in exchange for spreading the word on my blog. I am doing a little name change. As you may know, Paranormal Book Reviews is not full of reviews. So we're changing to Paranormal Books, like our URL. This blog is part of a series, and we are developing the next blog at the moment. You can view it here. It is full of writing, and we would love some feedback, and if anyone wants to join you can contact us. There is now a Currently reading/ Upcoming reviews tab, where you can view upcoming reviews. There is also a Series on the go tab, where you can see upcoming reviews I haven't acquired yet.

That's all for now!



Any feedback or suggestions welcome below.

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