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Celebrate 2015: Suzanne Steinburg (Day One) (Author Interview + Giveaway)

Let the celebrations commence!!! I'm excited to announce Suzanne Steinburg! Here are her books.

Title: A World within A World, about Carl Jung
Synopsis: This book began when Carl was first born and continued until his death. It is a book that is powerful as it weaves a fabric of his childhood into the foundation of his developing theories. He carried himself throughout his life looking for spirituality and the in-between the lines meanings, which led to some of the greatest discoveries about the unconscious world. He also carried a wound of the loss of a distant father and as his career developed he dove into that hole through the relationship he had with Freud. When that relationship ended he suffered his first true breakdown from reality, to end up pushing forward with his beliefs towards his greatest realizations  that become the foundation of the man he became.

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Title: The Manipulative Glance of Power, about Nietzsche
Synopsis: This book also began in Nietzsche’s early childhood and continues until his insanity. I called him Fritz throughout the book because that is the name is father gave him before he passed at a young age. Fritz is a tragedy, unlike Carl Jung, Fritz was never able to honestly confront his father issues, forever escaping them through his ambition to only endure a much worse fate. He also had a skewed perception of women at times thinking them Gods and at other times believing they were below him, which was only a trick of faith as his inability to understand women lead him to his greatest loss late in life. His life was a painful journey as he spent much of his life growing intellectually to a broken heart he could never escape from. It is only a sheer irony that the man who suffered so much for clarity ended up being misunderstood in death. Hopefully this books not only brings the theories and passion of Nietzsche to life but also his private heartaches as he walked through a life that took courage and hopeless idealism.

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Title: The Endless Control of Madness, about Freud
Synopsis: This book also began in Freud’s childhood and ended at his death. I called Freud Sigi throughout the book because that was the name his mother called him. Sigi had a life of passion for a world he was never honestly apart of, he lived in an ivory tower of ideas and tried his best through associations and observation to apply them. He was an intellectual man at heart who found himself in some foreign sexual territory. He used people’s need for one word answers and a fear of sex to create a niche for himself in a market for people who were thought to never recover. He brought hope and compassion  but also took advantage of our cultural blind spots to make a living. He was a man who very few people understood. He kept his own private places well covered, as he hid often in the words of authority than understanding. He had an easy life but a painful relationship with his mother, as her sense of unworthiness leaked into their lives. He created the topic of psychology which is the merging of subjectivity around people’s emotional lives and perceptions with science. He was a man who ended up being laughed at after his death as he provoked and explored our most taboo subjects but in context to his life, as he constantly created an air of superiority underneath his authority, it would only make sense that the gossip of the street invade once he no longer had the final word.

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Thanks for being here! 

Thank you for inviting me :)

  1. Why did you become an author? I don’t know. I can’t remember not being an author. When I was young and I didn’t have a friend to play with I would write stories. I have really cute dorky stories I have written inspired from willy wonka and the chocolate factory.
  2. What is your favourite book and why? Even though it is cheesy the time traveler’s wife. That book, despite some more profound books I have read, has stayed with me. I find her martyrdom to a man who she loved because he can’t stay in the same time zone, as well as the strange paradoxes of time, fascinating. I also always find strength in her character when I feel that my love life has become bleek.
  3. Please list three things your readers don’t know about you. I don’t have a huge fan club in the book world, I am almost a hermit writer and I have passed sections of my books to my closest friends, but if I were to answer the question I would say how much writing these books has changed me.
  4. What does writing mean to you? Writing is my freedom. Whenever I feel lost or go through a financial panic attack, I picture myself on the streets somewhere in some lonely place and I think well no matter where I go during my life I will have my art to keep me company and no matter how poor I am no can take it from me.
  5. If the world blew up, and you were the only person left, what would you do? The only real person? I would probably just wait around to die. That is bleak.
  6. Do you get writer’s block, and if so how do you deal with it? I usually paint while I write, and recently I have taken a three year break from writing, and gone into making independent film. If I change it up with other creative outlets or take breaks, I find my writing stays fresh.
  7. Please tell the story of your writing journey- how you started, getting published. Well I was going to be a scientist and then I got fired from my job after about three months, a job which took me six years to obtain. I had a major crisis that maybe my personality wasn’t cut out for science, it also lead to a further falling out with my father who I thought would “love me” for being a scientist. A few months later my grandmother died and I received an inheritance. So all the sudden I had a lot of time on my hands, so I decided to take care of my mentally ill mother who was at risk of falling through the cracks of the governmental healthcare programs, since they offer no long term placement for the mentally ill. She was living alone and wandering and getting lost on the streets. So I took the time in my life to fight for her to get assistance for long term care through the government, which was honestly deeply rewarding since my mother’s health care has been weighing on shoulders since I was 12, and then I decided to start writing. I wrote these books as a way for me to understand my mother and the government and our culture around psychology. I was hoping to get published but all the publishers I spoke to felt I wouldn’t have an audience for my book or make them any money. I decided to self-publish and that has been rewarding.
  8. What would your job be if writing wasn’t an option? Maybe working at Walmart.
  9. What do you do when you’re not writing? Painting or walking my dog. I have a big dog and he is so full of energy so I have to walk him a lot.
  10. Where do you find your inspiration for writing? Through my own personal hardships

Author bio:

I have been writing as long as I can remember. I always wanted to write books and as a young teenage girl I had a dream of publishing all my diaries as books. I didn’t seriously pursue it with the hope of being successful  until I failed at a science career. I feel there were lessons in science that helped me stand on my own without needing or worrying about the outside world too much. I have been writing for about seven years, but lately I have taken a break to focus on screenplays and independent film. I will go back to it after I stretch some social muscles :) hopefully with new insights and wisdom. I look forward to writing for the rest of my life.

I don’t have a lot of social networks but I do have a facebook page.  

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