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Book Tour: Bittersweet by Michele Barrow-Belisle (Dreamcast + Giveaway)

I'm so excited to be hosting a Dreamcast!!! It's my first, and I can't wait! :D Anyway, enjoy my tour stop. :)

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Title: Bittersweet
Author: Michele Barrow-Belisle
To save the Faery world and her mother’s life, Lorelei sacrificed everything, and the dangerous bargain she made in Nevermore had lasting repercussions. Now safely back in her own world, Lorelei seems the same to her highschool friends and her supernatural boyfriend. Yet love across dimensions is complicated, especially when an invisible Veil between the two worlds—the only bridge that links the pair, is sealing, threatening to separate Lorelei and Adrius forever.
Determined to find a solution, Lorelei resorts to using her new found powers. But when her friends succumb to the same mysterious illness that nearly took her mother’s life, Lorelei can’t help but wonder if her own dark magic is responsible.
Still, the nightmares from Nevermore continue their icy hold. Someone from Adrius’s past arrives, determined to destroy Lorelei’s world starting with those closest to her, and Lorelei is forced to choose between her family and friends and a love that was ill-fated from the start.

This was so much fun to envision, especially now that the series has been optioned for a movie by Khando Entertainment!
Here are some of the actors I picture to play the main characters from the series:  
 Aimee Teegarden as Lorelei
 Avan Jogia as Adrius  

 Nick Roux as Zantheil
 Morgan Freeman as the wizard Hawthrin  
 Eva Green as the ice witch Octahvia
 Effy Stonem as Venus
 Zoe Kravitz as Abby
 Predrag Bjelac as King Etienne  (Adrius’ father)
 Amy Brenneman as Mab- Queen of Air & Darkness (Zanthiel’s mother)
 Idina Menzel as Vivianne (Lorelei’s mom)

There are of course a whole host of other characters real and imagined, and I have a ton of images posted on my Fire & Ice pinterest page, for anyone who’s curious to see how I picture the settings, clothing, the Faerie realm and everything associated with the books. (keep any eye out for for a lot more info!)

Now it’s your turn, for anyone who’s read the series, I’d love to hear your ideas! Who would you like to see play Lorelei, Adrius and Zanthiel on the big screen?

Displaying MicheleBarrowBelisle-1sm.jpgMichele Barrow-Belisle Bio:
A dreamer at heart, Michele Barrow-Belisle has always lived with one foot in this reality and one foot in another, one of her own imagining. So it follows that she would grow up to write about the characters from those enchanting worlds she knows and loves so well. A fan of all things romantic, her young adult novels are populated with scintillating witches, vampires and fey.  Her bestselling debut book series Fire and Ice (Faerie Song Trilogy) was optioned for a major motion picture this year. Michele resides in southern Canada with her hubby and son who indulge her never-ending obsession with reading, writing and most importantly… chocolate. 
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