Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October Schedule

So, I feel like I haven't been posting enough since like forever. To try and stop that, I created a schedule for October. I have pasted it below so you know what to expect each day.
12 Halloween Post 3
13 Top Ten Tuesday (my first ever!)
14 Waiting on Wednesday (a first again!)
15 The Power of Six Review (finally posted here)
16 Uninvited Review
17 Halloween Post 4
18 Forsworn Review
19 The Commander Review
20 Top Ten Tuesday
21 Waiting On Wednesday
22 Halloween Post 5
23 Dreams of Gods and Monsters Review
24 Soundtrack Saturday (a first in ages!)
25 The Rise of Nine Review
26 The Fall of Five Review
27 Halloween Post 6
28 Waiting on Wednesday
29 The Revenge of Seven Review
30 The Fate of Ten Review
31 Halloween Event Wrap-up

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