Title: Riding Steele: Kidnapped by Opal Carew
Published by: St. Martin’s Griffin
Publication date: November 4th 2014
Genres: Adult, Erotica, Romance


Being kidnapped by bikers is a harrowing experience, but for some reason, Laurie doesn’t feel as terrified as she should. The leader’s steely eyes soften when he looks at her, and the others in his gang clearly know she’s hands off. But does that include Steele’s hands? Her brain resists him, but her body insists she wants those big hands all over her.
Steele doesn’t know how he wound up in this mess–with a kidnapped woman on his hands and the police hot on their trail. Now he and Laurie are in hiding at an isolated cabin, and Steele has to figure out how to extricate himself . . . and steer clear of his accidental captive whose tight, slinky clubbing attire is making him think all kinds of dangerous thoughts…

This will first be published as a six-part e-serial novel, followed by the collected work as a single novel in both print and ebook form. The collected work will feature special bonus material.
Nov 04, 2014Riding Steele #1: Kidnapped
Nov 04, 2014Riding Steele #2: Untamed
Nov 11, 2014Riding Steele #3: Collide
Nov 18, 2014Riding Steele #4: Wanted
Nov 25, 2014Riding Steele #5: Crossroads
Dec 02, 2014Riding Steele #6: Aftershock

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Excerpt: “Why am I not affected by this, Vaughn? Why doesn’t it bother me that three days ago I shot aman? I killed a man. I think that makes me sick. I’m a sick, sick person.”
“That doesn’t make you sick, Grace. That makes you strong.” He kisses me again and then stands up and walks out of the plunge pool. My body gets heavy and I immediately want nothing more than to get back in the water and hide underneath its soothing surface.
Vaughn walks us over to the edge of the river, grabbing a towel from the little cabana as he goes. He tosses it down on the concrete edge and then places me on top of it. My leg hurts a little now and my clothes are sticking to me. “Lift up your arms.”

I do as I’m told and he peels off the man­sized white t­shirt. My nipples are erect and hard, my

breasts firm and taut. I look up at my husband and he’s shirtless too. I watch his fingers as he

unbuttons his jeans, kicks off his shoes, and then drops his pants. It takes both hands to get the

heavy wet denim to cooperate and when he’s finally standing there naked, he puts his arms out

and says, “This is me.”

And then he reaches down for my hand, like he wants to pull me to my feet. I hesitate because of

the pain it will take to stand up. But then I decide to trust him and place my hand in his.

He pulls me up and I manage to keep the weight off my bad leg and just balance on the good one.

Vaughn holds me steady for a second, and then he takes my hand and places it on his thickly

muscled bicep. “Hold tight,” he says.

I do.

And then his fingers unbutton my shorts and he tugs on them for several seconds, rocking the

sopping wet fabric over my hips until they plop to the ground.

He steps back a little and I let go of his arm.

I put my arms out like he did and say, “This is me.”

I’m pulled back into an embrace and I notice everything about this moment.

The sun is warm. The wind floats past my wet body, making it cool. There’s a bird singing a sweet

song on a branch above our heads.

His heart beats fast. Mine beats faster.

His lips touch my ear so softly I shudder.

“This,” he says, “is us.”



Hi. I'm Opal Carew, a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. I write erotic romance for St. Martin's Press and Samhain Publishing, and I self-publish stories. I also write romance as Amber Carew.

So why do I like writing erotic romance? I like being able to push beyond traditional boundaries. I like dealing with a female character who is growing and evolving - questioning her sexual boundaries and pushing past them. My stories usually include menage a trois. It is great fun to write a heroine choosing between two equally appealing heroes... or more.

These aren't women who just jump into bed with anyone. They find themselves in an unusual situation - something exciting and erotic - but a situation where they have to push themselves beyond their comfort level. As a result, they grow as a person. So often fear holds us back - of what others will think of us, of what we will think about ourselves - and we don't follow our hearts. These women push past that fear.

To learn more about me and my books:

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