Day Shift (Midnight, Texas #2) by Charlaine Harris
Publisher: Gollancz
Goodreads Summary: 
Welcome to Midnight.

It's a quiet little town, perched at the junction between Davy Road and Witch Light Road, and it's easy to miss. With its boarded-up windows, single traffic light and sleepy air, there's nothing special about Midnight... which is exactly ho the residents like it.

So when the townspeople hear that a new owner plans to renovate the run-down, abandoned old hotel, it's not met with pleasure. Who would want to come to Midnight, with its handful of shops, the Home Cookin diner, and quiet residents, and why?

But there are bigger problems in the air. When Manfred Bernardo, the newest resident in town, is swept up in a deadly investigation suddenly the hotel and its guests are the least of the town's concern. The police, lawyers and journalists are all headed to Midnight, and it's the worst possible moment...
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Day Shift was a definite improvement from Midnight Crossroad, but I still think some thinks don't make sense. In this book we explore Olivia Charity in a lot more depth; she is given a strong POV throughout parts of the book, and we begin to understand where her personality comes from.

The supernatural identities of more townsfolk are revealed, however I didn't understand why questions only begin to be asked after Manfred comes to Midnight. Charlaine Harris has said many times that Midnight townsfolk are quiet, secretive, and unobtrusive, yet only now are they overtly investigating their neighbours.

The main reason Day Shift got an extra half star is because of Olivia Charity. She is my favourite Midnight character for sure, and her voice is so much louder in Day Shift compared to Midnight Crossroad.

The Midnight, Texas Series is written in a style different to all other books I've read, and not in a bad way. I really liked the multiple perspectives and mystery, even if the perspectives were annoying in Midnight Crossroad.
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Recommended for: Fans of a badass woman.