Whoa, by the time you're reading this post it's probably already 2018 here in NZ. Wow.

Checking in for the final post of the year??!! I've really enjoyed writing the last few posts of this year, they give me hope for 2018. Here's an idea that I stole off Cait @ Paper Fury (check out her much better version here).

Now, why are these books on the list and others not? I've decided to go through notebooks and other media where I've recorded books that I've aspired to read in monthly goals and other similar things and feature them here. The point: I put in a little more effort to stick that book on a list. But still didn't manage to read it.

#1: Geek Girl

I received a copy of Forever Geek (book six) for review, and I thought that would help me to read this series which I've been wanting read for ages. But no, I still haven't read Geek Girl yet.

#2 (collectively): My Best Friend is a Goddess; It Was Only Ever You; and Runemarks

I received all three of these for review WAY back in 2016, and still haven't read them. Guilty of being a bad reader reviewer. It's not even that I'm not interested in the books, I am or why would I have requested them? I guess I'm just not motivated to read them, and no one I know has read them so that doesn't help with reasons to read them either.

#3 (collectively): The Dark Prophecy; and The Ship of the Dead

Two Rick Riordan books which I've been meaning to read, but just haven't. My reasons in this case are simply that a) my reading time is consumed by overdue library books and review copies, and b) they're just not of as much interest to me as they were when I was younger. Of course, I still want to read them, I guess I just don't prioritise them as much.

#4: Summer House With Swimming Pool

My best friend encouraged me to read Dear Mr M, and upon reading it I fell in love with Herman Koch's writing. As we're both big fans of mystery thrillers he's a perfect fit. I also really enjoyed his book The Dinner, and Summer House With Swimming Pool should be no different, but I haven't gotten around to reading it yet.

#5: Divergent (Chinese Edition)

I got The Divergent Series in Chinese in 2016, and while I've been slowly (and not steadily) getting through Divergent, it's taking me so long. I wish it wasn't; it's both a reminder that I need to improve my Chinese, and a reminder that I should read it more instead of prioritising other books. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know what you'd like to see more of here! Also, I noticed how much I use the word "just" to JUSTify my claims/excuses... Why do I do this to myself?