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Created in 2014 as a way to celebrate the love of books.

If you love books, tv shows, and music then this is the place for you.

We are all about sharing our opinions of books, tv shows and music, promoting books and participating in events held in the book blogosphere. We have a wide range of posts, from book reviews to discussions of all sorts and blog tours.

We were named the 2014 Best Sci-fi and Fantasy blog in the Best of the Book Blogosphere Awards.

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Hi! I'm Cas, a.k.a Rose, the owner of this blog. I'm a book blogger, reader/reviewer, writer, singer/songwriter, musician and tv addict. When I'm not doing any of those things, you can find me studying or attending classes.

A ησт ѕσ вяιєƒ ιηтяσ∂υ¢тιση

After seeing so many other YA book blogs out on the internet, I knew I had to start one. I first ever attempt was in 2013, under the name of Loving YA Books. This turned out to be an ultimate failure, so I trashed it. But I'm grateful that I tried it, because though I didn't know it then, it would later lead me on this path.

In 2014, I needed a platform to post a book review I had to do as part of a homework task. And so this blog, Lovely Paranormal Books was born. After the task, I left the site up, but didn't update it. September 2014 was definitely the busiest month that year; not just at school, but online as well. This was when I saw more book blogs and met people on Goodreads who ran blogs, and that really got me inspired to restart the blog; I deleted all the old posts, and started fresh.

At first, my reviews were short and didn't give much besides telling readers why I loved the book. Then, I participated in my first book tour with Xpresso Book Tours, which I'd also come across while surfing the net. This was when I started reading other bloggers' reviews, and I realised that they were much better than mine. This inspired me to change my review style completely.

Over the next few months, I tried different methods; some were successful, and some were complete failures. Eventually, I settled on my current review style. I use a sheet taken from a 1B8 (A4) size book, title it with the book name and my rating, then write my review. I'll type it up, correct any errors and edit it. And then, you'll find it on this blog.

The content of my reviews varies depending on the book, but I always start with a summary in the first paragraph and finish with a conclusion in my final paragraph. I'll talk about characters (whether I liked/disliked them, their development), plot (whether I liked it, any major twists), and my general opinion on the book.

Lovely Paranormal Books really took off when I came across Prism Book Tours. Their grand finale blitzes really suited me, allowing me to participate as well as gain followers and page views. I am eternally grateful to them for allowing my blog to grow by exposing it to book lovers all over the world; it was the ultimate dream come true.

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We love to promote less known authors as well as give our opinion on popular books. If you'd like to support us, please contact us. We'd love your help in any way, and we will definitely support you in return. We'll consider all review requests but won't always be able to review your books.


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