Title: The Legend of Korra (Book Four: Balance)
Rating: 9/10 Stars
IMDB Summary: Avatar Korra fights to keep Republic City safe from the evil forces of both the physical and spiritual worlds.
Review: Avatar Korra is missing. While she is on a journey of self discovery and healing, far from her friends, they are trying to stop the Great Uniter, Kuvira from waging war on Republic City. Will Korra arrive when she is needed, or will the Avatar disappear and become nothing more than a forgotten myth?

This season is definitely my favourite, hands down. Korra must live through her nightmares and face her worst fears in order to become stronger. The story in these episodes is really powerful and everyone can learn from them. Kuvira may be another major enemy of the Avatar, but she is different in that it is much easier for viewers to see how her actions come from wanting to do good, unlike the villains of previous seasons.

Minor plots are also valuable, I especially like how Prince Wu starts off as a worthless character who Mako sees as a spoilt brat, but later reality sets in and he actually becomes a decent character. Zaheer only really appears in Korra's imagination but I believe that this season did him justice, showing that villains are evil but they have humanity in them, and not all of their actions come from bad intentions.

Toph's appearance in this season definitely made me happy. All the characters in Book Four: Balance have such an impact it's crazy. Korra strengthens her character and is finally able to pass the test after many failed attempts at returning to her full strength. Book Four: Balance covers strengths, weaknesses, and how one girl learns to use these to become the best of herself.