Hey! I thought it was beyond time I gave you guys an update. In case you haven't noticed, or have been on hiatus like me, this blog has been a bit of a shambles recently (well really, since last term started. Screw you, school). So since it's the holidays now I'm finallllyyyy posting this update to let you know a bit more about what's been going on in my life these past few months, and also how what's happening next is gonna affect this blog. So here goes:

1. What's been happening? Where did you gooooooo

Basically, with three chamber music groups and competitive band, I have had little free time, especially in the last four weeks leading up to end of term, when all the competitions were on. This meant it was hard for me to even post my usual end of the week post, and you may have noticed a lot of those are missing/not updated/I edited them wayyy after they were originally posted so they were accurate.

So yeah it's been quite a busy period, and I haven't really had time to think about the blog but I've definitely missed it! Also I've only read like three books during this time period so there wasn't much for me to post about really, except my newfound obsession with Rupert Friend/his character Peter Quinn in Homeland, but keep reading for the full rundown on that.

2. "June books I'm excited for, July books I'm excited for, Monthly TBRs, Wrapups" why don't those posts exist????

My apologies! Being a typical idiot, I have actually prepared stuff for the books I'm excited for, but just never got a chance to post them (angry react myself). I am endeavouring to post a mega one for August which will contain the June and July ones too, and same goes for the monthly wrapup (don't see much point in the TBR tbh since I've hardly read); the wrapup will be a "mega" wrapup but will probably contain less than the amount of books in the January/February wrapup itself, whoops.

3. What have you been obsessing over lately, if not books?

If you haven't been able to tell from my weekly wrapups, especially the past two/three weeks (who am I kidding, I haven't checked but pretty sure those aren't even updated though they're written on paper, stupid me) you'll see that I've watched an INSANE amount of Homeland and definitely broken all my personal binge watching records, which used to be at like three episodes a day max. In the final week of school, ten episodes were watched (four on the Friday). The week after, first week of holidays, I watched two seasons (twenty four episodes)!! Really, this is all down to this one character played by the one and only Rupert Friend; Peter Quinn (yep, here we go guys. The real rant of this post.)

Why do I love Quinn? I'm at the start of season six now, but I still think Quinn peaked in season two/three. A character originally brought in as an assassin for hire, he develops so much throughout that period, and his conscience is displayed in full when he refuses to kill a certain someone because he sees how it would destroy someone else he cares about. I fell in love with his charming wit, careful control of emotions, and beautiful portrayal. I'll stop now, but do chat to me about Homeland; I'll go on about it for hours!

4. Well then, what's gonna happen to this blog if you're SO BUSY all the time?

To be honest? I'm not sure. I miss this place, and I've accomplished so much here it would be a pity to waste it. This is certain: I'm definitely coming back. As for when? That's more complicated. I am going to endeavour to post here more often in the coming months (yes, real posts, not just weekly wrap-ups) but realistically, I'd like to be posting regularly here November at the very, very latest. To help keep my goals realistic, I'll be making a few changes:

Firstly, no more weekly wrap-ups. They've been frustrating me for awhile, and I've decided to get rid of them altogether because although they seem to be relatively popular it's become a chore, and also the only thing I ever post here. Sorry! I'll definitely be keeping the monthly wrap-ups though, and while I won't detail my TV show and movie watching, I will keep you updated with what exactly I've been enjoying on television.

Monthly TBRs are going to be gone, because this feature hasn't helped me read more at all and I see no point in keeping them if that's the case. I know I've missed a few monthly wrap-ups, and since I only read a few books during those few months anyway I'll add them to a "mega" wrap-up at the end of July. I will be continuing my "x month releases I'm excited for" posts as I enjoy making these, but won't be following up on the months I've missed.

What's been going on in your life recently? How has it affected your blogging/reading habits?