Title: Four (The Last Thirteen #10)

Author: James Phelan
Summary: You're always going to be too late, boy.

After a dramatic sea rescue in Japan, Sam meets powerful friends ready to help him in his quest for the Dream Gate. He sets off for Cambodia, racing to find the last 13's tenth Dreamer. Eva faces her worst fear in the Dream Doors competition as her team desperately tries to find Solaris' hidden Gears. Meanwhile, Alex is headed out on unknown waters with the enigmatic Hans. At the legendary temple of Ankgor Wat, Sam must deal with ancient traps to escape with the next Gear. But the cost will be unimaginable. Will Sam be able to go on? He must carry on the fight. The world cannot survive without him.

Review: Brilliant. Again James Phelan manipulates the exhilarating world he has created, forever adding plot twists to keep it all entertaining and full of suspense. Sam continues his search for the last 13, and this time he escapes, but with the loss of a dear friend. James Phelan manipulates his story, and everything is planned well, nothing goes wrong like the inner of his tale. Fantastic.

Recommended for: Fans of adventure books.