Title: Three (The Last Thriteen #11)

Author: James Phelan
Summary: 3 books. 13 nightmares. 1 destiny. Are you one of them?

"I destroyed all those who might help you. You're on your own now, boy."

Still heartbroken by the loss of his mentor, Sam discovers the next Dreamer is someone very close to him. Together they must travel to the other side of the world to find the eleventh Gear. On his voyage with Hans, Alex's dreams grow ever-more powerful as he encounters pirates, deep-sea peril and the harshest climate on earth. He will need all his resourcefulness just to survive. Racing to find the Gear in the Australian Outback, Sam and Eva must also outrun their enemies in the race for the Dream Gate. Can they reach it in time? Sam must find the last 13. 

The end is approaching.

Review: Fantastic. Great detail and plot ideas. A great base to work from, Sam is always facing a new enemy, unlike the average adventure novel where the hero(es) only face a few main enemies. James Phelan is creative and imaginative.

Recommended for: Fans of adventure, the kind where the hero gets through everything.