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Title: Defy by Amity Hope
(Malice #3)
Publication date: May 29th 2015
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult

Tristan and Samara have been best friends since they were kids. Somewhere along the way that friendship turned into something deeper. Sam knew Tristan better than anyone…but as it turned out, she didn’t know him as well as she thought she did. Now that Tristan’s secrets are out—and he’s embraced his magic—there should be nothing standing in their way.
But in the small town of Granite Falls, where magic abounds, life is never simple.
The Council is out for revenge.
So is Tristan’s father.
Sam, Tristan, and their friends just might get swept away in an age-old magical battle. A battle where the “good guys” might not be so good.

Top Ten List: Ten things you didn’t know about Amity Hope

1) We have a pet crayfish. His name is Dezmo. He was adopted from my son’s 4th grade science class.
2) When I was in middle school I used to sneak Stephen King books out of the public library (my mom would not have approved!). I would read them on the top bunk of my bunk bed, under the covers, with a flashlight so I wouldn’t wake my little sister. I used to scare myself senseless.
I don’t read Stephen King anymore. I’ve turned into a wimp.
3) I adore Jensen Ackles from Supernatural. Because how could you not?
4) I am not a crier. I hate crying. The first book that ever made me cry was Where the Red Fern Grows (in 5th grade). The only other book that has made me cry was Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead. I blame that on the fact that I stayed up until 5AM to finish it. I was emotional and overly tired. (Actually, it was really just that good).
5) I love Dimitri Belikov. He’s my favorite book boyfriend. Hence the tears at the end of Shadow Kiss.
6) I don’t know a thing about cars but I’m fascinated by old cars. I love going to classic car shows. I dream of having a garage full of old, restored cars. Especially a pink and white ’57 Bel Air.
7) I’m a very questionable cook (just ask my poor children). However, I really love to bake. Especially bread. I don’t buy bread from the store anymore.
8) On the rare occasion that I have the house to myself for the weekend there’s a good chance I’ll end up watching Netflix. I love old episodes of Charmed, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries… (You get the picture).
9) I’ve had maybe half a dozen cats throughout my life. Every one of them has been a “rescued” cat. I currently have two—Princess Jellybean (a Siamese mix) and Sasha (a Maine Coon mix). We adopted them three years ago. My boys each picked out one and named them.
10)  I love the Pretty Little Liars them song. It’s so catchy and yet so creepy. It goes through my head all the time. Mostly when I’m trying to concentrate on something else.
1. Can you tell us about yourself?
I have two fabulous sons. My oldest is 17 and my youngest is 10. I live in a small but beautiful town in northern Minnesota. I have a degree in elementary education and I worked in that field for nearly a decade. I published Twisted, my debut novel, on a whim. It took off and did better than I ever dreamed. I feel fortunate that I’ve been writing ever since.

2. What made you decide to go into writing?
Like most authors I’ve had a love of reading that extends as far back as I can remember. I started writing my own stories in high school and continued to write periodically over the years. I feel like I’ve always known I wanted to be an author.

3. What’s your favorite food? Curious minds want to know… ;)
I have a hopeless addiction to nachos.

4. If you could have been the original author of any book, what would it have been and why?
Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I read the book years and years ago and then reread it a few summers ago. It’s just one of those incredibly unique stories that stay in your mind.

5. What have you found to be one of your biggest struggles with self-publishing?
Self-promoting. I’m a little too introverted to feel comfortable with it, or be good at it. It’s the only thing I really don’t like.

6. What do you enjoy about self publishing?
I like to be able to set my own pace. There are many times when I start writing a story and another story completely infiltrates my head. I like to have the flexibility to work on whichever book is flowing at the moment.

7. I love how unique the names of your characters are, especially Samara and Levi! If you don't mind spilling your secrets, what was your inspiration for their names?
I also love unique names. I have a notebook page filled with names that I like. The Malice trilogy is a paranormal/urban fantasy. I wanted to use names that were a little more fun. Most of the characters in the book have names that are slightly unusual.

8. For your own reading, do you prefer ebooks or traditional paper/hard back books?
I like the ease of e readers for traveling. However, I adore paperback/hard back books. I have book shelves full of them. I am constantly adding more. To be honest, my bookshelves are all overflowing onto the floor.

9. Have you ever experienced writer’s block? If so, how have you gotten past it?
I experience writer’s block far more often than I would like. I usually go back and reread what I’ve written so far. That usually shakes some ideas loose. If it doesn’t give me some ideas immediately, at least I’m still keeping my head in the story.
If that still doesn’t help after a few days, I’m likely to move onto another story since I usually have 2-3 projects going at once. I’m okay with that as long as I’m doing something to keep moving along.

10. Do you have any tips for budding writers?
My advice is pretty basic. It’s what I’ve heard over and over again from other authors. Write every day. And read every day too!

Malice (book 1) is free and Avenge (book 2) is only .99 cents

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Amity lives in beautiful northern Minnesota with her two sons, two cats and their Rottweiler.

She has a degree in elementary education and worked in that field for ten years before deciding to self-publish.

Her first self-published novel, Twisted, was listed by Amazon as a Top 100 Kids & Teens Kindle Book of 2012. It hit Amazon's Teen & Young Adult Contemporary Romance Best Sellers List in several countries. Truths and Dares held the #1 position on Amazon's Best Sellers in Teen & Young Adult Contemporary Romance eBooks in the UK.

If she's not writing, or spending time with her boys, she's most likely reading.

Author links:
Author Blog|Goodreads|Facebook Page

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