Dark Flame (The Immortals #4) by Alyson Nöel
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Goodreads Summary: 
In Alyson Noël’s most darkly seductive Immortals novel yet, Ever fights for control of her body, her soul — and the timeless true love she’s been chasing for centuries.

Ever is trying to help Haven make the transition into life as an immortal. But with Haven drunk on her new powers and acting recklessly, she poses the ultimate threat — exposing their secret world to the outside. But Ever's struggle to keep the Immortals hidden only propels Haven closer to the enemy: Roman and his evil companions.

At the same time, Ever delves deeper into dark magick to free Damen from Roman’s power. But when her spell backfires, it binds her to the one guy who’s hell-bent on her destruction. Now there’s a strange, foreign pulse coursing through her, and no matter what she does, she can’t stop thinking about Roman — and longing for his touch. As she struggles to resist the fiery attraction threatening to consume her, Roman is more than willing to take advantage of her weakened state...and Ever edges closer and closer to surrender.

Frantic to break the spell before its too late, Ever turns to Jude for help, risking everything she knows and loves to save herself — and her future with Damen....
Rating: 4 Stars
I'm gonna have to say I didn't like this book very much in comparison to the rest of the series. I thought Shadowland wasn't that good either, but Dark Flame was definitely disappointing. Shadowland I didn't think was as good because there was too much normal. Well, Dark Flame I didn't like for almost the opposite. I felt that there were too many days of "the same drama", which is me trying not to spoil it for you. I thought "the same drama" dragged across quite a few chapters, and even the resolution to it took a while.

Nearer the end, I thought it was like Alyson Noel suddenly pressed down the accelerator. "The same drama" ended, and the book sped along to the ending. Overall, Dark Flame was very good. In comparison to the rest of the series, it was terrible. There were bits of amazing in Dark Flame, and pieces of terrible in it. I really hope Night Star will rise above Dark Flame and Shadowland. I haven't given up on the series yet. :) I definitely recommend Alyson Noel.
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Recommended for: Fans of Paranormal Romance.