I've been meaning to start on these posts in forever, and finally have done so! Hurray for me!

Top Ten Tuesday is a book meme by the Broke and the Bookish.

This week's theme: Top Ten Author Duos You'd LOVE To See Write A Book Together

This was a tough one, but I pushed myself, and eventually got seven. I was mainly thinking of books they had written and how the books combined would be like. Here they are:

Warning, may contain very minor book subject spoilers.

1- Richelle Mead and Julie Kagawa. As two of my all time favourite YA Paranormal Romance authors, I'd like to imagine a collaboration would be epic.

2- Cassandra Clare and Veronica Roth. They both write completely different genres, but don't you think Steampunk meets Dystopia would be cool? After all, they are pretty much opposites..

3- Rick Riordan and Kelly Keaton. Uncle Rick, master of mythology paired with Kelly Keaton, greek Mythologist? I reckon this would be pretty cool. They both write greek mythology, so I don't know what their book would be like.

4- Pittacus Lore and Dan Wells. Why Dystopia and Dystopia you ask? Well, their versions of Dystopia are quite unique and different from the other. Imagine a world with Aliens and Mass Destruction. How awesome would that be?

5- Laini Taylor and Josephine Angelini. I'm mainly referring to Starcrossed with Josephine Angelini. I was thinking Angels, and then I thought Josephine Angelini for no particular reason. Greek Mythology (again) with Angels and Chimaera and two pairs of starcrossed lovers? Now that would be pure fantasy.

6- Tara Hudson and Jonathan Stroud. I was thinking about the opposite of ghosts, but all I could think of was ghost vanquishing. This collaboration could be a total success or failure..

7- Ally Condie and Lois Lowry. Two different perfect utopias.