The Hawk In Winter (Rise of the Hawk #1) by Bekah Clark
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Stepping aside eighteen years ago, Maevan’s mother chose exile rather than a war she could not win. Now, Mae is taken to live in the Summer Palace with the very woman who took everything away from her family. Like her mother and sisters, Maevan wants to regain the throne that belongs to them. Like any teenage girl, she wants the boy she loves to return her feelings. But, far greater is at stake than love.

Surrounded by her enemies, Maevan has to navigate life within the Palace walls. But, she is not completely alone. Jorgan, who she adores, is there. Linna, a servant of her family, who has been living within the Summer Palace most of her life, is another ally. As time passes, Mae realizes that there are worst fates to fear than just the idea of her not being with Jorgan. Her very life is at stake, as well as the fate of her family. Will she triumph or will she break and die?
Rating: 5+ Stars
Ok, wow. I was hooked from the start, and astonished at how much detail Bekah Clark described with The Hawk In Winter. Her fantasy world is easy to picture with her endless description delivered in clever ways as to avoid long descriptive paragraphs.

I absolutely love the characters. Maevan and Xenya are so strong willed and rebellious and share a kind heart. Every character has a purpose, though it is not always clear from the start what the purpose is, which adds to the aura of mystery.

Jorgan and Coran as best friends was a unique twist on the book. It was kind of like a love triangle, yet not so. Their personalities are so unique, and they share a friendship with Maevan.

I cannot wait to read The Raven In Spring! I sincerely hope Mae and Jorgan get together, I love them so much. Bekah Clark has created a new world with the detail of one from old, showing that she deserves the love. Go and read her books!
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Recommended for: Fans of YA Fantasy/Adventure.