Guild Hunter Series by Nalini Singh (#1-5)
Publisher: Gollancz
Rating: 5 Stars
Hey everyone! Since I haven't done any lengthy reviews of most of the earlier novels in the Guild Hunter series, I thought I'd share my thoughts here! I've also included some links to their book depository pages, and added a few additional reviews for free short stories which are also linked up.
 Angel's Blood (#1):
OMG. Wow. What is this sorcery! I loved Elena so, so so much and Raphael is heaven! If you've ever read Paranormal Romance and loved it, you absolutely MUST read this book. Just do it, argue later!

Archangel's Kiss (#2):
Another stunning novel from Nalini Singh! Elena and Raphael fight for their relationship as they are once again thrust into a dangerous world of politics and power plays.

Weapons Training (#2.5):
This short story brings Galen and Jessamy's relationship to life in a short snapshot. The two understand each other and this tale proves it.

Archangel's Consort (#3):
Elena fights for her freedom and together with her Archangel they face his mother, Caliane, rumoured to be awakening from a deep Sleep immortals can take. The question is, has her insanity stayed with her?

Archangel's Blade (#4)

I would've liked another Elena x Raphael story, however this was a great opportunity to get to know Dmitri better, the ending was brilliant and shocking! Elena and Raphael still feature briefly.

Archangel's Storm (#5):

Getting into Jason's head solved so many mysteries, this story is definitely my second favourite. I'm not sure what to make of Mahiya, can't wait for the future. I liked that this book wasn't just Jason and Mahiya, it also featured the other characters.

Knives and Sheaths (#5.5):
This is a great little short story, filled with the Elena/Raphael love we all admire.

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I hope you enjoyed this series of reviews! More to come tomorrow.