Guild Hunter Series by Nalini Singh (#7-8)
Publisher: Gollancz
Rating: 5 Stars

Welcome to post #4 in my five post Nalini Singh extravaganza! Click here for Mini Reviews Part 1, click here to read the full review of Guild Hunter #6, and click here to read my review of the short story collection Angel's Flight. As always the titles of the reviews link to their book depository pages/online read link, so check them out!
Zoe's Workshop (#6.5):
Zoe is a small recurring character throughout the series, but this short story really allows us to see Sara and Deacon's love for each other and their daughter.
A Sip of Eternity (#6.9):
Set right before Archangel's Shadows, this Honor/Dimitri short story is a short scene introducing the new Honor.
Archangel's Shadows (#7):
Unfortunately the mystery in this book was poor. I liked reading about Naasir, Ashwini and Janvier, but I predicted who committed the murders early on. Ashwini's secrets surface, tumbling out eventually. The ending was very satisfying!
A Small Fairy Tale (#7.2):
This story follows a new character, Talu who lives on the streets when she finds a little fairy. When she gets attacked, Elena rescues her. There is just a little magic in this heartwarming tale.
Fairy Balloons (#7.3):
Talu's adventures continue as she befriends the angel Izzy. They visit her mother's grave. Set 18 months after A Small Fairy Tale, Fairy Balloons showcases a healthier, happier Talu.
Archangel's Enigma (#8):
Finally, Naasir's true identity is revealed as he goes on a journey of self discovery. I couldn't stop laughing, Naasir's perception of the world is so unique when compared to others!
One Night At The Refuge (#8.1):
I loved reading this! Backtracking to Illium and Aodhan's childhood, this story depicts them sneaking out at night to watch the angels racing before being caught by their parents. Illium's cheekiness is evident even in the younger him.

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