Donnel's Promise (Cattra's Legacy #2) by Anna Mackenzie
Publisher: Longacre
Goodreads Summary: Who betrays her?

Who fears her?
Who is she wrong to trust?

When Risha takes up her mother’s throne there is celebration — for some. In the murky world of politics, how can you know who to trust, when to fight, when to run?

As war between the Five Duchies threatens everyone Risha loves, the hidden truth of Cattra’s legacy is revealed — but for Risha there is no time to learn to use her arcane talent, even less to save those sacrificed in her name.

The stunning sequel to Anna Mackenzie’s magnificent novel Cattra’s Legacy.
Rating: 4 Stars
Lady Arishara finally returns to Havre and takes up her mother's throne. She is treated like a delicate figurehead, which sees her finding opportunities to get out. But soon their safety is compromised, and Risha must escape Havre. Once again, she fights for her life and peace in Elgard.

One thing that I dislike is Risha's relationship with Captain Nolan. He reminds me of Chaol Westfall from Throne of Glass, same story but with a weaker resolution. I do like the way things ended, however I feel as if the relationship brewed with little development before becoming fully fledged. Some of the troublemakers from Cattra's Legacy are re-introduced and aid Risha while new allies are also found. However as always this game of trust must be played with caution; anyone can betray anyone.

The five duchies of Elgard remain on uneasy terms, some believe that a war is inevitable. Risha's motives are always clear and although sometimes I got bored of the description and stockpiles of information, I love the characters. Muir is wishful but loyal to Donnel, Captain Nolan is protective, brave and willing to lay down his life, Ciaran, my favourite is thoughtful in her choices and willing to make sacrifices for the greater good.

Donnel's Promise is full of adventures and politics. Risha must not trust with ease and that same caution keeps her alive as they tiptoe along a dangerous ridge. Risk after risk, luck, strategy and clever thinking gets them a solid resolution. I enjoyed reading this book yet couldn't help but think that Donnel should've made an appearance rather than only being mentioned.
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Recommended for: Fans of YA Fantasy.