Shattering Truths
Kyrian Lyndon
(Deadly Veils, #1)
Publication date: January 30th 2017
Genres: Suspense, Young Adult
She was left fighting her demons alone . . .
For sixteen-year-old Danielle DeCorso, the old house in Glastonbury was an eerie place to grow up. Coping with mental health challenges exacerbated by a traumatic family dynamic, Danielle watches from the window for two men in a dusty black sedan who keep circling the house and harassing her with phone calls. The two predators drugged her and her cousin, Angie, and then lured them from Pleasure Beach in Bridgeport to a secluded cottage on Long Beach West. She remembers feeling dizzy, the room spinning. She recalls screaming, crying, fighting, and then slipping in and out of consciousness. Angie, however, has no recollection of the incident.
When Danielle attempts to jog Angie’s memory and convince their best friend, Farran, that the two strangers had victimized them, no one seems to believe her. Alone in her pain, Danielle remains guarded, obsessed, and withdrawn. Soon she is sinking deeper into a tumultuous world of adolescent isolation and change. Grief, guilt, and anger send her spiraling into an even darker place.
Tormented by terrifying nightmares, she fears she will lose her sanity, or possibly her soul. Is she having post-traumatic stress hallucinations, as one of her friends suggest, or are her recurring nightmares as real as they seem? Trapped in an unyielding emotional bondage, Danielle continues the fight to reclaim her power. Startling revelations awaken her newfound spirit, inspiring a once naïve girl to grow into a woman of defiance and courage.
Interview With The Author, Kyrian Lyndon

1. Where did the idea for Shattering Truths come from?

Shattering Truths is about one young woman’s path to healing from trauma—inspired by things I’d witnessed in life. I believe that until we fully heal from whatever we need to recover from, we remain in bondage to something or another and prone to all kinds of obsession. I’ve seen this happen over and over again. I’ve seen, too, that even though disentangling from all that is a painful process, it’s where the path to healing begins. I want readers to see the progression of the protagonist’s journey, but I also want to tell some of the stories of other interesting characters, those that have a deep connection with her.

2. Do you have a place you reserve just for writing, if so, why?

I have a desk in my bedroom, and I always write there. It’s sort of my happy place. I especially like it in the very early hours of the morning when it’s dark and no one else is awake. I just put the lamp on, grab my coffee, and get to work. My desk is by the window, so I can see the sunrises and sunsets and the moon in various phases. It’s perfect.

3. What is your advice for those suffering trauma?

It’s important for us to talk about what happened, and we need to find that safe space where we can do that. If we open up to someone, and that person seems skeptical, dismissive, or lacking in empathy, that’s a good indication that this is not a safe space.

You want to talk to someone who believes you, who’s willing to listen, and who will provide the comfort and support you need. Therapy is another solution when a person is ready, although it is important to find the right therapist. Ideally, you want someone who works with trauma survivors, and if there is any other affliction, you will want someone who knows enough about those issues to give you the proper feedback. For example, if you’re suffering from PTSD or anxiety, you want someone who has experience with that.

I might suggest, too, if you are a female, speak to a female therapist. I have had incidents where male therapists have been inappropriate while listening to details about the sexual assault. Other times, a male therapist may be thoroughly appropriate but unintentionally triggering, especially because victims sometimes transfer unconscious feelings, needs, and desires onto him. I do understand that they have the training to deal with that, but in my experience, the situation can create unnecessary obstacles to healing.

Unfortunately, a lot of people can’t afford therapy. The good news, however, is, there’s so much information out there now about trauma and abuse and the disorders that may stem from those traumas. You can find it in books or even by following certain Facebook pages whose admins do proper research and post regularly. Find blogs, groups, and websites that deal with these subjects. Awareness is key here, and the accumulating knowledge in these areas will help tremendously!

4. When it comes to envisioning your characters, do you use images as a guideline for their appearance?

There may have been a couple of times when I Googled for specific types of images to inspire me, but I usually pick someone I knew in the past who had a look that was interesting to me, one I thought worth describing! Other times I just make it up as I go.

5. Poetry or novels?

Even though I am a poet, and I was a poet before I became a novelist, I’d have to say novels. (I’m not sure if you mean writing or reading, but the same answer applies either way.)

6. Sad music or happy music?

Both! Sad music helps me process things. It makes me want to sing. Happy music makes me want to dance and sing.

7. Do you prefer to work in a quiet room or a room with background noise such as music or a tv?

I work in a quiet room. I’m easily distracted, so I can’t have anything going on in the background.

8. Would you rather live in this world or fairytale?

I wouldn’t want to live in a fairytale. Either they don’t turn out very well, or the ending is too predictable. This world can be harsh, but it’s fascinating. It’s exciting. I like how we can sometimes turn the tide and change outcomes. I may opt for a third choice—to live in a parallel universe where I don’t have to suffer any permanent consequences, kind of like roleplaying. ;)

9. Who inspires you?

My son inspires me more than anything or anyone. He’s just an amazing human being, and he’s always been that way, since birth, really, so I take no credit.

10. Would you rather live with your family, or be adopted into a fictional family of your choice (if so, who would you choose)?

I’ll keep the family I have.

Author Bio: Kyrian Lyndon is the author of Shattering Truths, the first book in her Deadly Veils series. She has also published two poetry collections, A Dark Rose Blooms, and Remnants of Severed Chains. Kyrian began writing short stories and fairy tales when she was just eight years old. In her adolescence, she moved on to poetry. At sixteen, while working as an editor for her high school newspaper, she wrote her first novel, and then completed two more novels at the ages of nineteen and twenty-five.
Born and raised in Woodside, Queens, New York, Kyrian was the middle of three daughters born to immigrants —her father from Campochiaro, Italy; her mother from Havana, Cuba. She has worked primarily in executive-level administrative positions with major New York publishing companies. She resides on Long Island in New York.