Friday, May 5, 2017

How much should book synopsises reveal? (Forum Friday #7)

At the library, the bookstore, we wander around the shelves until a book catches our fancy. Our first impulse? Flip it over, and read the synopsis.

But sometimes, we'll pick up a book from a series, often unintentionally. It'll confuse us slightly cause it's not the first book, and potentially spoil some things about the earlier book(s); though we won't understand these references (yet) as we haven't read the first book(s).

And so I ask you: how much should book synopsises reveal? With books in series I'm not as familiar with, I'll often turn to the back cover as both a reminder of what the books are about and details about what happened in the last book.

Instinctively I know that the back cover will contain details of the prior book if applicable, and so I wonder: should they contain these spoilers, or not? I've contemplated this question so many times, it's pretty old now.

Do you think book synopsises from series should reveal details from the prior books?

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