Nowadays there are so many different ways to find books, and I was curious to see how you guys find books. Do you look on blogs/book websites, check in stores, ask friends, or something else?

Personally I use goodreads as the main source of any book information I want particularly regarding series. I'll generally 'suggest' the book to my local library if it sounds interesting, and if it's something I've really been wanting to read (favourite authors, usually) I might go out and buy it.

In my reviews I leave links to Book Depository, where you can get books for cheaper prices. Plus, there's free international shipping! I find this is a good place to buy books, however I don't usually surf for books here.

When I go to the library I usually just pick up holds as I prefer to surf online. But that's enough about me, I want to know what you do.

How do you find out about books?