The Peacock in Summer (Rise of the Hawk #3) by Bekah Clark
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The calm before the storm finds members of the First House settling into their new lives three years after the events of The Raven In Spring. Now that the newness of Xenya's reign has worn off, the problems left by Shaezen are starting to wear on her. Renna and Korla join Jorgan in visiting Zenkai who is poised to take full control of the Third House. Maevan and Raikar are starting their new life together and dealing with troubles of their own.

Yet, danger is living in Cardea and events are about to transpire that could shatter the foundations of the world. Can any of them survive the new threat that is about to wash over Aemonsha? And can Maevan fight the growing darkness within her mind?
Rating: 4.5 Stars
The daughters of the first house are still adjusting to their new lives. Korla and Renna figure out love while Maevan divides her time between duty and freedom. Queen Xenya continues to face strong opposition and an old enemy reemerges from the shadows. Can Aemonsha stay in peaceful times, or will war control it once more?

Set three years after The Raven In Spring, not a whole lot has changed for these characters. I think fast forwarding is a smart move for the series because it's realistic that problems from Shaezen's reign would start to reappear a few years later, rather than straight away. New romances pop up, but there are strings attached to each one. There's a great setup for The Vulture In Fall, I can't wait to see how all the options are explored.

Maevan is put through yet another test, a situation which strengthens her psyche. Korla and Renna have grown up quite a bit. In The Peacock In Summer, Xenya is finally displayed as a queen, her rule challenged by many. There's a constant conflict happening through every perspective, which keeps it interesting. The mini cliffhangers at the end of each chapter will keep you hooked and attached to the drama.

The new villains really come out to play. I can't decide what to think of Antara, she is portrayed as a minor villain but I think there's much more to her story than that. As for Trelaren... I suppose all antagonists have some appeal, for Trelaren draws me in like a magnet. The Peacock In Summer looks at Aemonsha from a more rounded perspective compared to the last two books as the focus is taken off Maevan. The tempo begins to increase, and tensions will get high as readers are left gasping in shock.
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Recommended for: Fans of fantasy.