Whoop whoop, I've never done an album review before! But I decided to start because why not, since I listen to music the way I read books, and create bookish soundtracks!

Title: Melodrama
Record Label: Lava Records

Lorde's sophomore album Melodrama is relatively short at 41 mins, but longer than her previous album Pure Heroine. The length doesn't diminish its quality though, and there are many songs I really like featured on the album such as Supercut, Green Light and Perfect Places.

The Louvre and Hard Feelings/Loveless have a different sort of feel to the rest of the album. Besides Supercut, I only really liked the pre-released singles, yet I don't think that's because the album is bad, simply that some of the songs weren't really my style. Melodrama covers a lot of serious issues such as binge drinking and I really like the way Lorde has approached these topics.