1. Oh, you're here for help? Sorry, figure it out yourself.

2. And you're still reading, I applaud you for that. So here's a suggestion. You don't get over them.

3. Obviously, that's not a good enough answer for you. How about: It's hopeless. Impossible. You just can't.

4. Oh, I'm starting to like you. You're stubborn, refusing to take no for an answer. Well, you could always become part of a fictional universe...

5. Now you're beginning to give me the skepticism I gave you earlier. But, I'm serious. Go do something else, watch TV, listen to music. Take your mind off them, and there's a chance you'll forget.

6. I'm guessing that failed, and if it worked it worked for a little bit before failing? I'm just gonna give you that smug I told you so. Did I not say earlier that you simply don't get over them, and you can't?

7. Yay, you're almost at the end of this list Sorry, like I said it's just not possible. I'm stubborn myself, but nothing ever works for me. One final piece of advice: dream and dream. Cryptic, I know, but necessary. Think about what I mean.

8. Now, you're probably listening to some sad music and wondering about this character you're trying to forget. But just remember, it'll pass, as things do. Maybe now the feeling is stronger right now, but feelings fade.

9. I don't know why, as I write this post I set everything in sad music. Missing a character means lots of feels for me. Maybe what you're feeling is a similar emotion to what you experience when someone leaves your life.

10. Well I guess this post has had its ups and downs in good advice and sarcasm, but I'd like to leave you on a high note. Just remember - nothing is forever, and if you really want to get over something, it'll happen. Don't rush it.