Note: this discussion contains mention of information about Antica revealed in Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas. If you don't mind that, read on.

Yay, another post! This time, I'm delving into something which is discussed in books and media; heirs to a kingdom. The traditional way is that the eldest son succeeds the throne, and a daughter will become heir only if all her brothers die or she has none, as in the case of Queen Elizabeth II of England.

It seems to be becoming more popular in literature for the king/queen to choose an heir rather than for it to be a birthright. I think this is a much better way of succession especially as the ruler can choose an heir. Of course, it also presents some problems, such as if an evil ruler happens to inherit the throne they can just keep passing it down to evil heirs.

What are your thoughts on heirs and succession? Which of these ways do you think is the best, or can you think of a better way? Leave your thoughts below.