Hey everyone! Here's a nice post where you can sit back, glance at your device, and enjoy reading about my failures this year. Feel free to go make yourself a coffee, tea, or anything else; this post will just sit here waiting for you.

Now, as you know, 2017 is coming to a close. Two weeks left! So, I set some goals for the year of 2017 which I tried to achieve*. But here's failure number one to add to the list:
*spoiler, I failed miserably.

Cas's 2017 Blogging Failures #1: failing to write a list of blogging goals at the start of the year

This might not seem like a big deal, but because of this, I only really had one clear goal and that made my blogging year hell. I had no direction, and while I managed to "post" a lot of content, my unrealistic goal made sure that a lot of it wouldn't be my own, as I struggled to make enough time to produce so much material

Cas's 2017 Blogging Failures #2: trying to have a post for all 365 days of 2017

To any bloggers out there reading this post, you probably have a good idea as to why this was the worst idea everSure, in the summer holidays of 2016-2017 this seemed like such an easy goal, especially as I was reading so often (as you can tell by all the review posts in January). Well, I used up all my review posts fast, and that left me scrabbling for more posts. The easy cheat's way out? Book blitzes.

I'm definitely not hating on book blitzes, they clearly saved my life this year and I love promoting books, it's just that I'd rather post about books that I'm passionate about and with blitzes, they're often books I hardly know anything about and am just posting about for the sake of it. This was also a bit of an ego booster I guess, as blitzes and tours had the highest blog traffic this year.

And why would I stick to this goal if I struggled so much with it? The reason is stupid, but true. My blogging calendar looks wonderfully aesthetic (well, not really, just colourful) with posts filled in for each day. Filling in and back scheduling blog posts allowed me to catch up for the most part, except for September onwards, where the onslaught of school work made this an impossible feat.

Cas's 2017 Blogging Failures #3: believing that I'd be able to write book reviews quickly

In 2016, I had no trouble writing reviews straight after I finished a book. This year? The struggle was much more real. Sure, I had time to finish books, but writing reviews takes time and thought, and energy that I was putting into homework (definitely not a voluntary action). And then, even when I did finish writing them, I had to find the time to type them up, a simpler and more mechanic motion, but still something that requires time.

Long ago, idiot me believed I could write a book review for every book I read. This soon became impossible, which I discovered not long after I read a post by a fellow book blogger, which said "you can't review every book you read". Well, for anyone still wondering, this is absolutely, most certainly, the truest piece of blogging advice I have ever read. It's just not possible. Because of this, it also made #2 harder because at some points I'd read enough books, but that didn't mean I had enough reviews written.

These are only three of my blogging failures this year. What have you failed to achieve this year?