A Skillful Warrior (SoulNecklace Stories #2) by R.L. Stedman
Publisher: Waverley Productions
Goodreads Summary: 
The sequel to the award-winning A Necklace of Souls.

'She struck with her blades, one at my face, one at my heart. Automatically, I stooped, bending away. The tiniest thing: rough ground beneath one’s feet, the tremble of a leaf, too deep a breath; all might shift the balance. The warrior’s principal task is to make each moment count.'

Dana and Will must find the weapon to defeat the Emperor. But his army is close behind and the Kingdom and its Guardian have vanished. Only N’tombe and Jed remain. As the comrades flee, Dana is hampered by dreams of dragons and by a deep, unbearable sorrow. A fire is coming, and she is in its path.

Dana and Will must learn to overcome despair and to fight on, despite the darkness. For a warrior must adapt, or die.

The second novel of the SoulNecklace Stories.
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Dana is on a dangerous quest to find a dagger carved of jade. But first she must evade the army that is tracking her every move. While nightmares haunt her sleep, she will push back against the darkness and learn to control her visions. Through a set of challenging tasks Dana will connect with past Guardians who can help her save the future.

"Now it was up to me. I turned to face the fire."

Dana must learn to harness her power. She learns and experiments with each enemy which crosses her path. This book is full of adventure, yes, but it's also about Dana discovering herself. N'tombe, Will, and Jed also add to the story. I especially love Will, a young boy grown up too fast. Reading from his perspective adds extra insight. N'tombe is so cool, and Jed is the final piece of their group.

"No sadness or love, or sorrow, just the pitiless silence of an endless night."

This journey isn't an easy one, there is much standing in Dana's way, but she fights through it all. There's a fire burning within which characterises the fiery main character of the SoulNecklace Stories series. This book really drew me in with the vivid descriptions and brilliant storyline.

"I lifted my chin and stared out at the city. I was no one's sacrifice."

I really enjoyed A Necklace of Souls, I'm glad this series only gets better and better, because I only end up loving it more and more. Dana's character develops so much as she starts to discover who she is, what she wants, and where she is destined to be. So you say you like stories with romance, danger, and adventure? Read the SoulNecklace Stories series.
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Recommended for: Fans of middle grade fantasy and adventure.