After many months of being absent in the blogosphere, I finally started to comment on other blogs again. As I did so, I noticed something different from the last time I did a lot of blog surfing; the lack of book blitzes and tours on the blogs I visited, which got me thinking.

Blitzes and tours are the most popular posts on my blog, but they take little time to create and schedule. Most of the time, I'm promoting books that I don't really care all that much about, which I'd like to change in the future. Because of this I'll be posting less of these posts, and more discussions.

Maybe because of this choice my blog won't receive as many views, but I think this is a necessary move. I hope that over time, my discussion posts will become more popular and readers will be more interested in them.

Do you like seeing blitzes and tours? Are they worth the pageviews?