The lists on Goodreads for February seem more promising than the January ones, and hopefully I'll be able to read as many of these as possible!

Books From A Series I've Read

There are quite a few of these releasing in February, so I can't wait to read them!

Immortal Reign is book six of an ever lengthening series, and while I don't always enjoy the Falling Kingdoms books I like the story and have been following it for so many years.

This Fallen Prey is the third book in the Rockton series, and you know how much I love Kelley Armstrong. This series is also one of my favourites by her (well really, they all are).

Now, Everlife... I recently read Lifeblood and what a rollercoaster ride that was. I need this book like air. I'm scared for Ten and Killian's fates, but I know I need to read it.

Sightwitch sounds like an exciting prequel to the Truthwitch series! I really hope that it's good because Bloodwitch's release has been pushed back to 2019??!!

New Books By Authors I've Read Before

I don't know all that much about either of these, but I've enjoyed books by both authors so I'm excited to read them.

New YA books/debuts

I am especially looking forward to Blood Rose Rebellion and The Belles (though I swear Blood Rose Rebellion was released last year, even if Goodreads appears to be telling me otherwise?) I've heard a lot about them both. The others also seem like good reads.

What February books are you excited for? Are we looking forward to any of the same books?