Title: Messenger (The Giver Quartet #3)

Author: Lois Lowry
Summary: Messenger is the masterful third novel in the Giver Quartet, which began with the dystopian bestseller The Giver, now a major motion picture.

Matty has lived in Village and flourished under the guidance of Seer, a blind man known for his special sight. Village once welcomed newcomers, but something sinister has seeped into Village and the people have voted to close it to outsiders. Matty has been invaluable as a messenger. Now he must risk everything to make one last journey through the treacherous forest with his only weapon, a power he unexpectedly discovers within himself.

Review: Amazing. Lois Lowry creates a beautiful tale again, in a way still connected to the world of The Giver. To be honest, at first I was disappointed by Gathering Blue. I'd expected a novel that would be more based around The Giver's theme. But, I realised later that there was actually a connection to The Giver after all. Fabulous and Astonishing. That's Lois Lowry.

Recommended for: Fans of the Strange Angels series by Lili St. Crow. Books where betrayal is big.