The Raven in Spring (Rise of the Hawk #2) by Bekah Clark
Goodreads Summary: Set several months after the events of The Hawk In Winter, The Raven In Spring is a wild ride. Coran's life is spiraling out of control. As it does, he sinks further into depression and drinking. Coran isn't safe, however, and as he adjusts to his new life he becomes less able to realize it. He puts himself into further danger and Sol works to try to save the young man from himself.

Meanwhile, Maevan is being stalked by a nameless threat. Without something real to cling to, how is anyone to believe the danger she is in? It is then that Jorgan is called away home to his mother and her iron rule of the Second House. Alone with Raikar, Mae trains her mind to take on this new threat. But, the intimacy of the contact is overwhelming and Maevan could find herself lost in him.

One day Maevan's destiny will reveal itself, but only if she can survive that long.
Rating: 5+ Stars
The Raven in Spring was so intense, I couldn't sleep after I finished it. And I'm serious. I finished it round about 5,6 pm, and lying on my bed, I couldn't fall asleep, still thinking about Maevan, Jorgan, Raikar and all the other characters.

The Raven in Spring, somehow, was an improvement to the already absolutely astonishing The Hawk in Winter. Tensions increased, and the fine lines between relationships really started to show; this was where I found the devious facts that Bekah Clark hid in The Hawk in Winter.

Bekah Clark has shown that she knows how to resolve a love triangle. I felt that Coran and Meirei's instant love was a bit suspicious, but all the other relationships that formed had hidden clues I hadn't noticed in The Hawk in Winter. Bekah gave every character a happy ending, but obviously, I still want more.

I can't wait for The Peacock in Summer! If you haven't read any Bekah Clark yet I strongly urge you too! Do it NOW!
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Edition: Paperback
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Recommended for: Fans of YA Fantasy/Adventure/Romance