From Potter's Field (Kay Scarpetta #6) by Patricia Cornwell 
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Adult Publishing Group
Goodreads Summary: Christmas, New York and a naked body is discovered in Central Park... Christmas has never been a particularly good time for Dr Kay Scarpetta. Although a holiday for most, the festivities always seem to heighten the alienation felt by society’s violent fringe: and that usually means more work for Scarpetta, Virginia’s Chief Medical Examiner and consulting forensic pathologist for the FBI. The body was naked, female and found propped against a fountain in a bleak area of New York’s Central Park. Her apparent manner of death points to a modus operandi that is chillingly familiar: the gunshot wound to the head, the sections of skin excised from the body, the displayed corpse – all suggest that Temple Brooks Gault, Scarpetta’s nemesis, is back at work. Calling on all her reserves of courage and skill, and the able assistance of colleagues Marino and Wesley, Scarpetta must track this most dangerous of killers, in pursuit of survival as well as justice – heading inexorably to an electrifying climax amid the dark, menacing labyrinths of the New York subway.
Rating: 4 Stars
Review: From Potter's Field is yes another brilliant psychological thriller from Patricia Cornwell. The body of a homeless woman is found propped into a sitting position in the freezing cold. Kay Scarpetta, chief medical examiner of Virginia is called in and immediately recognises the handiwork of Temple Brooks Gault, a serial killer never caught. Except this time, his target is none other than her.

In From Potter's Field, Patricia Cornwell explores the different relationships between the characters as well as mental illness. The events that occur in From Potter's Field are much of what we could be seeing on TV the next day, insanely realistic. She explores Temple Brooks Gault's game with Kay Scarpetta well, tempting and taunting her at every move.

Dr Kay Scarpetta is the narrator of the series. She has a great character, and her flaws really showed in this book. Her inner sense of justice and honed instincts are a very great asset to her. Some complications from earlier books remain, including her tangled love life.

One of my other favourite characters is her niece, Lucy. Lucy has a very high IQ, and is the mastermind behind the Criminal Artificial Intelligence Network, more commonly known simply as CAIN. Her sexual orientation and young age make many doubt her ability, but I really admire her.

Patricia Cornwell really is one of the best crime writers ever. Her mysteries are ongoing, explorational, and very real world. She allows her characters to face many hardships, further strengthening the storyline and plot. If you love Murder Mysteries, Patricia Cornwell is for you.
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Recommended for: Fans of a good thriller or murder mystery.