The Revelations of Carey Ravine by Debra Daley
Publisher: Heron Books
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London in the 1770s is bursting with opportunity. It's a city fuelled by new ideas and new money, where everything is for sale - including entrée into the ruling class.

Making their way in this buccaneering society are Carey Ravine, a spirited young woman of enigmatic background, and her husband, the charming, endlessly enterprising Oliver Nash. Carey and Nash share a historic connection to India and a desperate ambition to better themselves. But as Nash's plans draw them into a restless association of gamblers and secret societies, Carey begins to question what's really hidden behind the seedy glamour of their lives. Her unease grows with the appearance of a mysterious man whose appearance unearths a troubling secret from the past. Carey finds herself forced to investigate the truth behind the stranger's claims­­ - and to confront her own illusions about herself.
Rating: 3 Stars
I didn't love this book. I had to read more than half of it before I started to like it. I don't think it was because of bad writing, more so that I was uninterested in the topic. I thought The Revelations of Carey Ravine would tie into historical fiction, but it didn't really, although having a historical setting.

Regardless of the storyline and plot, I really liked Carey Ravine, or Mrs Nash. The book is told in first person, past tense from her perspective, enabling us to really get to know her. The timestamps of each chapter helped with seeing how much time as passed.

Oliver Nash is nothing but charming. Throughout the book, Carey's revelations give her reason to suspect his loyalty and love. Debra Daley told this part of the tale very well, playing Carey as a middle aged woman very much in love and reluctant to face the truth or accept that she is being lied to.

The second half of the book improved by so much. It's almost as if the two halves were written by different people; the foreshadowing is over and done with, leaving space for plot twists, harder truths for Carey to face, plus a shocking betrayal that slaps her in the face.

I may not have liked The Revelations of Carey Ravine on a whole, but the basic storyline is genuine and interesting. I think the ending is suitable for Carey, not a happy ever after, but maybe it could be, after hard work and effort.
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Edition: Paperback
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Recommended for: Fans of books set in historical times.