The Vulture In Fall (Rise of the Hawk #4)
Goodreads Summary: "You must rise...rise to the challenges set before you."

With the threat of violence all around, Maevan must finally meet her destiny. But can she do it alone? Her family is making their way to the Summer Palace, but they face dangers of their own. Trelaren takes his first steps to conquer Aemonsha and he's the most powerful enemy Maevan will ever face.

Granada and Sol must defend the Frozen Fortress. Granada worries that she may not be up to the task. Meanwhile, Kolton faces challenges of his own.

Coran worries over his wife as Meirei faces the dangers ahead while pregnant with their first child. Can they survive the pursuers which threaten their lives?

Grave danger and romance await in the fourth and final installment of the Rise of the Hawk series.

Rating: 4 Stars
Korla and Renna must journey back to the Palace, but many dangers await them on their travels. Maevan discovers a place of knowledge and honours the ways of their ancestors. Trelaren much be stopped but it will be much easier said than done as many complications pile onto the already busy road.

"In their shared grief, their hearts stitched together more firmly than ever before."

Aemonsha has suffered many losses, lots of characters are still recovering, left with empty holes in their chests. Relationships must be redefined and for some, trust is an issue. They mend and break together, keeping their united front even when it gets hard. Divide ad conquer is an important strategy to use even when it means letting loved ones go in order for them to play their part.

"He needed her like air and if she died, he'd never forgive himself."

We all want to protect loved ones, and there are many such examples in this book. What I like about this is how in each case, there is the common theme of looking after each other, but the way it is executed varies, keeping the aunthenticity and allowing Bekah Clark to use the same emotions more than once without making it repetitive.

With The Vulture In Fall done, this quartet has come to a close. As the series goes on more depth and emotion is added, slowly but steadily building to everything from the world to the characters. The writing is eloquent and character relationships stem from genuine thoughts. For all fans of fantasy and adventure with that hint of romance, this series is a great fit.

Interview with Bekah Clark

1. Why did you decide to become a writer?
I've always had these stories roaming inside my head, but never was confident enough to write anything.  After my father's unexpected and rather tragic death, I threw myself into writing as a coping mechanism.  Now, I just write because I really have to.  My mind just keeps coming up with stories and I just keep writing them down.  Sometimes it can be hard, but mostly I am in love with writing.

2. How do you name fictional places?
I am big into making up names for people and places.  I like to toss ideas of words around.  Even though I don't come up with an entire language, I kinda have a feel for what their language would be like.  Once a few names are made, I start to add to the idea how the names relate to each other as well.  For instance, Koren, Korla, and Coran.  Variations of this name, male and female, are popular among the Three Houses in the world of the Rise of the Hawk series.  Just like for our world variations of say Mary, Marie, Maria, etc can be popular.  In The Hawk In Winter, I started out with Cardea as the name of the first place and the Frozen Fortress before I even started writing.

3. Which of the characters in The Rise of The Hawk series is your favourite?

This is a tough question.   Maevan is the star, after all, this is mostly her story.  Raikar is also a favorite of mine and I might be a little in love with him LOL.  I guess Korla is my favorite.  Loyalty, grace, and love surround a very powerful girl.  Of the three sisters, she's the most beautiful, but that isn't what makes her special.  She seems cool on the outside, but her love and her emotions run deep.  Part of this can be seen in her fighting style.  Maevan is very fluid and graceful in a battle, but when I see Korla fight, it's brutal and carries the weight of her deep need to defend her family and her people.
4. What is your favourite book genre and why?
I have three favorite genres.  Fantasy, paranormal romance, and sci-fi.  I only write in two of them.  I love fantasy because I love world creation and I find that to be at it's finest.  Sci-fi is a genre I got into when I was very young, although I don't read it as much as I did when I was younger.  As for paranormal romance, I love the slight mystery about it.  I love a human waking up to find the world around them is not what they knew.

5. You're stranded on an island and can only have five things. What would you bring?
My phone with a solar charger and earbuds so I can listen to music and look at my family photos and I could write a few ideas or stories on it.  Can that count as one?  A knife, for survival purposes.  Duct tape, for survival purposes.  A large box of sunscreen since I burn like crazy.  A hammock so I don't have to sleep on the ground.  (I am not good at this game lol)

6. For you, what is the most enjoyable aspect of writing?

Coming up with the main character and world building are my two favorite parts of writing.   I spend a lot of time virtually daydreaming while arranging and re-arranging ideas in my head until it clicks and I find that a lot of fun.  Once I have those things, everything else just flows through me.  I have a book that I write in ideas for future books.  Sometimes when I'm writing in that book, I'm grinning like a fool.

7. Do you believe in karma, and why?

No, I don't.  I do, however, believe that a positive or negative attitude can affect how your life unfolds.  If you can remain positive, even through the dark times, you'll always be able to find a glimmer of happiness.  If you focus on the negative, you'll only see the bad things and the good things that come along will get forgotten far too easily.

8. Music or tv shows?
This is hard.  Sometimes music, sometimes tv.  A lot of times when I'm writing, I'll have a movie in the background that I've watched so many times, I know it by heart.  When my brain needs a reboot from writing, I'll lean back and watch the movie.  Because I've seen it so many times, I can just slip right into watching in.  When my mind is ready to write, I don't feel like I have to keep watching to the end.  While I'm writing, I get to listen to the soundtrack and my mind tunes the dialog out.

9. A piece of writing advice for aspiring writers?

Don't let anything hold you back.  I let life hold me back far too long and it took a tragedy to do something I always wanted to do but never did because of lack of faith in myself.  Write for your own enjoyment.  Write the stories YOU want to read about.  Everything else is just gravy.

10. What do you think got you to where you are today in terms of your writing?

Compared to my first couple of books, my writing has changed a bit.  I think just continuing to write helps you to develop.  Finding out that people have enjoyed my books have also helped.  It gave me a desire to share my work more.  Writing the first Stone Sisters novel was an experiment to see if I could write paranormal romance.  The Healer and the Warrior was also an experiment to see if I could write a standard romance novel.  I like challenging myself that way and I think it has helped me become more rounded as a writer.  Just completing the Rise of the Hawk series was also an accomplishment.  For a while, I wondered if I was capable of finishing a series.  Now that I know I can, it has me working hard to finish The Stone Sisters series.

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Recommended for: Fans of fantasy and romance.

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