*contains potential Tower of Dawn plot and relationship spoilers, read on with care*

Hi everyone! As you may know, I posted a soundtrack with my review of Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas. I took particular care with this soundtrack, making sure each song was in the chronological order which made sense by my calculations. But for this post, I'm including the soundtrack (again) at the bottom of the post, but firstly my explanation for why I chose these songs, and what they mean.

Lonely Together - Avicii ft. Rita Ora
At the start of the book, Chaol and Nesryn are stuck together. While both may be fine with this idea, I believe this song describes quite well how they feel.

Wings - Birdy
Upon Sartaq's entrance into the book, Nesryn is intrigued by him. It's clear that he is fascinated by her, and while he doesn't get a perspective, Wings fits his thoughts at this point especially as he has Kadara, who can fly.

Small Doses - Bebe Rexha
While this song is about love, I think the basic ideals of it still fit how Yrene feels about Chaol at the start of this book. Why? Because Adarlan is the place of her nightmares, and she sees all her childhood horrors in Chaol. "I can only take you in small doses" because too long in his company will pain her.

Take Your Time - Sam Hunt
Chaol is immediately intrigued by Yrene, but expects nothing of her. As she returns after their initial meeting, I believe he wants to get to know her more than anything even as she pushes for him to reveal what he feels inside.

Scared To Be Lonely - Martin Garrix ft. Dua Lipa
This song reminds me of the moment where Chaol and Nesryn talk until they fall asleep. Nesryn knows that he is talking to her out of guilt, having promised her an adventure, but the lyrics of the song describe them well.

Back To December - Taylor Swift
Listening to Taylor Swift reminds me of the old her, but also maybe Nesryn. Perhaps not "back to December" but back to when Chaol and Nesryn were good together, before they started the "adventure".

I'll Be Good - Jaymes Young
I really think that this song is perfect for Chaol. With all his self loathing, this would be a moment where he is reflecting on his life and promising to do better.

Am I Wrong - Nico & Vinz
Yrene thinking about whether or not she's wrong about everyone in Adarlan based on her past experiences. It would fit for the moment when she first starts to fall in love with Chaol but is conflicted.

Too Good At Goodbyes - Sam Smith
Chaol on Yrene as a healer, when he refuses to let her in. Or, refuses to allow himself to think about loving her.

Gone - Bebe Rexha
Nesryn as she contemplates Chaol's guilt that last night before she leaves.

What About Us - P!nk
When Chaol is really distant from Yrene due to Nesryn's note.

Tell Me You Love Me - Demi Lovato
Sartaq, as he lies there in front of Nesryn, dying. While I don't particularly like the feel of this song, I reckon the lyrics fit quite well. This is one of my favourite moments of the book.

Hard To Love - Calvin Harris ft. Jessie Reyez
Hasar, tricked by Yrene, hosting Yrene's birthday party. When she says "I know I am not easy to love" and Yrene almost feels guilty for her manipulation.

The One I Love - R.E.M.
Nesryn to Sartaq when he recovers. They really are my favourites!

2U - David Guetta ft. Justin Bieber
Sartaq and Nesryn (I mean, I feel bad because most of this playlist has been Chaol and Yrene, Chaol and Nesryn. But I love Sartaq and Nesryn more?)

Dusk Till Dawn - ZAYN ft. Sia
Yrene and Chaol (when they FINALLY admit they like each other and just get over it)

Slow Hands - Niall Horan
Well, after that moment described above, a lot happens, does it not? So this song is dedicated to how Chaol feels about Yrene.

This Is What It Takes - Shawn Mendes
When Chaol is injured again... Totally support SJM's move with this one, but this song for when Yrene brings him back.

Friends - Justin Bieber ft. BloodPop®
You know that scene where Kashin is happy for Yrene? Sad, but he says he misses their friendship. This song to describe it, hands down.

Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart - Ariana Grande
Everyone, everything at the end of the book!

So I hope you enjoyed my explanations! These have been sitting at the back of my mind so I had to write it out in full. Stay tuned, because there will certainly be more Tower of Dawn inspired posts coming up!