Hey everyone, how have you been! (New, 'quality' posts coming soon I swear) Since my last post I've been feeling a lot better, August has been good to me :) But as I've been thinking about my blog more in recent times, I have kind of been at an impasse as to how to proceed here. So here I'm gonna list some options, and I'd really appreciate it if you pitched in!

1. keep blogging here

This is definitely the easiest option on the list, probably why I started out with this. What would I change? I'd just post more I guess. But I feel that the name of the blog no longer fits what I want to post? More and more I feel like posting about film/tv as well as music, but the blog name kinda implies that it's all book related.

2. move! but wait, there are more options than this

This is the most definitive second option; however I'm also thinking about moving to the wordpress platform, which I once said I'd never do (clearly lies). This is mainly because even though there are some disadvantages to it most of my blogging friends blog there anyway and it's annoying how I comment on their blog with my wordpress account yet only get notifications when I'm checking blogs other than my own.

That being said, I'd also need a new name, and this is mainly where I'd like you guys to pitch in! I already have a few ideas, but do let me know about which ones you like the most/any additional suggestions:
  • Dreaming Notes
  • Bookish Notes
  • Musically Bookish
  • Dream Reveries (name of my currently deactivated bookstagram)
  • Dreaming Ink
  • Ink and Dreams (my preferred way around)
  • Dreams and Ink

3. (not related to blog) I want to start a business/etsy/society6??

This is something that I've wanted to do for the past few years but never truly gotten into. But I think now is the right time to start! I've just recently learnt a really cool and cheap screen printing technique I'd love start implementing. But the thing is, I'd need to have a name for that too (in the past I have come up with a few names but I think it'd be awesome if the business name was the same as my blog (and potentially my currently dormant bookstagram)) so I'd like the name to be not too book related but embodying the ideas of books, music, film/tv?

I'm done with my list, but please pitch in! I'd really appreciate any and all opinions on this matter. <3 i="">