Cursed (Beholder #1) by Christina Bauer
Goodreads Summary: Although Elea’s the most powerful necromancer in history, she’s spent most of her nineteen years imprisoned in the Midnight Cloisters. Enchanted manacles keep her unique brand of soul magick in check. While the guards and initiates seem contented to torment her, the Cloister’s Mother Superior is obsessed with finding a safe way to destroy Elea, both body and soul.

Escape seems impossible until a handsome hunter named Asher offers to help. Elea takes a chance and soon develops feelings for the mysterious stranger. However, Asher may not be who he claims. Then again, Elea may not be, either…
Rating: 4 Stars
Elea has been cursed by the Tsar, Victor. Training hard to kill him and break the curse, almost five years later Elea journeys to the Midnight Cloister, where she knows Viktor will be. But her travelling spell backfires and she finds herself in the company of one talented and handsome caster, Rowan. They must trust each other in order to survive, but how much trust is too much?

Friends, foes, potential allies? Elea will have to decide which is which on her own. Her quest won't be easy, one slip up may end her life or life as she knows it. Many games are played by all, a dangerous balancing act. Hybrid magic remains the only way to defeat the powerful mage Viktor, but Elea must learn to harness it first. The Midnight Cloister is more sinister than it seems, filled with secrets which prove the Tsar is conducting more experiments than believed.

It isn't easy for Elea to succeed, but she perseveres and continues to fight even as each part of her plan falls to pieces. As she learns through mistakes, the knowledge gained in this experience is the key to her shot at defeating Viktor. The help of others is crucial but first she must pass their tests.

Development of magic, a tough trip, and so much more awaits you in Cursed! You won't want to miss this great fantasy novel about a girl who refuses to accept her destiny and will fight the hard uphill battles thrust her way.
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Recommended for: Fans of Necromancers and magic.