As 2018 draws closer and closer, it's time to reveal a little more of what will become of Lovely Paranormal Books in 2018. Am I quitting? Definitely not. Will I be around less? Well, you'll have to read on to find out*.

*damn it, why am I being suspenseful when I dislike this sort of thing in books... Sorry guys.

I guess there will be quite a few changes in store for this blog in 2018. I start Year 11 (the equivalent of Year 11 in the UK, Year 10 in Australia, and 10th grade in US/Canadian schools) which is quite a big deal around here. It means that I'll have more assessments, have to earn NCEA credits, and basically everything actually counts and will have an impact on my future.

While I'm definitely not one to think of that as an unfaceable challenge, I will be taking schooling a *little* more seriously than I have done in the past. What does that mean for the blog/online life? Less, I'm afraid.

But fear not! I'll still be around here often*. I've decided to make my posting schedule for 2018 a lot looser and more flexible as to accomodate with sudden loads of schoolwork. I'll try for at least three posts a week (review, discussion, weekly recap) but there will certainly be extra posts, just not every week.

*bahaha, did you think you were rid of me? Think again.

Blog Content

I'll focus more on discussions and aim to post just one review a week (maybe two at the most when I have extra). I've decided to try and stay away from book blitzes as in 2018, I'll only be promoting books I care a lot about (which does mean the occasional blitz/tour when it's about a book/author I love). You'll also get more random discussions and posts about things other than books (tv/movie/album reviews, rants about why I hate the NZ educational system*, etc).

*oh boy, you don't know what you're in for when I decide to let loose. Let's just say I despise it VERY much. Curious? I'll have a post about it early January. But don't say I didn't warn you, if you disagree with my opinions then prepare to run for your lives as I diss you with everything I have. (I really hope I don't offend anyone though...)

Blog Posts and Design

My aim is to have less posts than this year, but to make them more personal. This means reviews will have graphics that I make as headers, I'm gonna do my best to revamp this blog (new social media links, rating graphics, a proper blog banner) and also have footers for my posts which you'll see soon enough. This is all very exciting for me as I can't wait to share these with you* and it'll make this blog just mean that much more to you.

*oh, wait. I haven't actually made these yet, even though I've been planning them for quite some time... *runs in corner and hides*

Well, this post certainly isn't the most interesting around, to anyone who has made it this far down, I congratulate you! Thank you for putting up with me.