Hi everyone! How are you guys? I've missed posting discussions here, and since I'm settling into the rhythm of school quite well you can expect more posts soon, I hope.

I recently read an article on time which prompted this post. Matt de la Peña writes about including darker themes in children's books, and about his illustrated book Love which publishers initially refused to publish because it was "too dark". You can read the article here.

While I've only read one of Matt de la Peña's books, book eight of the Infinity Ring series, and a short story he wrote, I absolutely agree with his points. Why should children's books filter out the darkness of "the real world?"

I definitely think this shouldn't happen at all. If children grow up believing they live in a utopia, what good will it do? It would likely harm them in the future rather than help them. If mature themes are gradually introduced into children's books, they'll get a real education and grow up informed and well equipped to deal with tough situations.

I'm a realist, and I don't think the harsh truths of our world should be "hidden" from young children, which is why I have a strong dislike of Disney childrens' movies (a topic for another time).

Do you think mature themes should be featured in children's novels? Why/why not?