Besides being the month of my birthday, May looks promising in terms of new releases. My preordered hardcover of ACOFAS is en route and I hope that it may arrive on my birthday, considering that Tuesday is a post day and it's been around 6 days which they say is the max for shipping from Australian warehouse to NZ (I'm writing this post in advance). But anyway, let's get into it!

New Books From Authors I've Read Before

Always Never Yours, Lifel1k3 and The Favorite Sister all sound like great reads! I'm also excited for the other ones up there.

New Books In A Series I've Read

I think a review copy of War Storm is on its way to me which I'm super excited about, and of course I have to read Inferno and Queens of Fennbirn. I have yet to read book two of TOA but once I do I'll definitely make sure I catch up with The Burning Maze.

Other Exciting New Releases

There doesn't seem to be many new releases in the fantasy genre this month which is interesting! But then again, I'm not all that disappointed because recently I've been moving away from fantasy a bit and while it's still something I want to read it's gotten a bit repetitive for me. I'd love to get my hands on a copy It Ends With Her and The Perfect Mother, they fit the theme of my recent reading.

What May releases are you looking forward to? In your opinion, have there been more interesting releases this month than last month?