So I seem to be posting a lot more recently, even though the posts have sort of gravitated to just being quite random in nature and topic wise. Here's the latest one, inspired by my lovely friend Adair @ Discussions With Myself when she wrote a similar post in geography class and suggested I do so :) I tried to make these as unrelatable as possible?

- exams are in four weeks and I'm more stressed about my piano recital/scholarship competition the Saturday before than the actual exams, I should really care more about thing...

- I don't ever know what to say in reply to a compliment, I've always felt awkward saying "thank you" and I don't know how to downplay achievements, I think it's better to just accept the praise but I don't want to seem self centred though I kind of am in that I know my own ability?

- summer is approaching (today was cold in the morning but then it got too hot okay) and I'm excited because of the holidays but the weather's gonna suck, I hate the sun and there are too many bugs flying about already :(

- my parents often question why I choose to do exams outside of school, I mean it's something I genuinely enjoy! Also they're proper exams, unlike NCEA which is a disappointment to all exam systems (see my education related posts if you wanna know more but I warn you they're massive rants)

- a lot of people around me seem to have little to no care or thought for their future and that's cool, you do you, but I personally want to leave this place behind and have a great life overseas?? does ambition still exist in young people outside of laziness and desire to procrastinate forever?

- high school is known for cliques and friend drama but my school and friends are different! It's not very cliquey thankfully, there are fixed groups but we all keep to ourselves and there's rarely conflict which is good but I feel like even here many friend groups have a lot of drama unlike us

- I can't help but base my characters on people I know, thanks to the weird dreams I have about people which make it so that I can't look at them the same again... thanks subconscious mind.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post! Did you relate to any of these? Do you have any unrelatable problems?