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Advantages/Disadvantages of Mature Themes in Children's Books
An Open Heart

Blackmail and Secrets (The Dazzling Heights Discussion)
Blogging Things I Learnt in 2017
Blogging Failures 2017
Book Blitzes and Tours, yay or nay?
Book to TV Show/Movie Similarities and Differences

Does not Reading Make you Less Intelligent?

Heirs and Succession (Tower of Dawn Discussion)
How do you Find out About Books?
How Much Should a Book Synopsis Reveal?
How Much Should Book Characters go Through?
How my Taste in Books has Changed

Important Themes (I Am Not Esther Discussion)
Issues With High School in New Zealand (Part Two)

January 2018 Releases I'm Excited For
Judging Books by Covers

Killing Book Characters

Law Enforcement in Books
Looking Ahead
Looking Back

Male Stereotypes in Books
Minority Representation in Books (The Midnight Jewel Discussion)
My Problem With the New Zealand Education System
My Year in Books 2017

Pet Peeves About Teenager Stereotypes

Racism and Stereotypes in Books
Reasons why I am Grateful for This Blog
Reasons you Want to Read a Book
Reading Habits
Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi // Discovery and Rant
Romance, Love Triangles and More

Stand Alone Books Versus Series
SPOILER DISCUSSION: Forbidden Love (Lord of Shadows Discussion)
SPOILER DISCUSSION: Mentally Unstable Characters (Ragdoll Discussion)
SPOILER DISCUSSION: The Controversy (Thirteen Reasons Why Discussion)
SPOILER DISCUSSION: The Sandrin Boys (Three Dark Crowns Discussion)
Spoilers in Reviews?

Ten Ways to Get Over Fictional Characters (Especially Their Deaths)
The Process of Reading a Book
Thirteen Reasons Why Season Two: A SPOILER Filled Rant
Trilogies: Advantages and Disadvantages

Unrelatable Feelings/Problems
Utopia or Dystopia?

Why I Blog
Why I Think Opposites Attract: Love and Hate
Why you Shouldn't be Procrastination Queen
Witches Being Feminine (The Changeover Discussion)